A new team is needed!

A new Virtuoso of the Void has been called to stand against the Spirit of Chaos.


The Argent Adept has realized his path to victory leads to finding allies. Help him build the rest of the team!

The Argent Adept

As long as human cultures have existed, there has always been a Virtuoso of the Void. Although he doesn't yet realize it, the latest Virtuoso, Anthony Drake, is unprepared for the challenges ahead. Without allies, it is likely that Akash'Bhuta will end the line of the Virtuosos once and for all. Help Anthony realize this truth, heed his calling, and set out to build a new team!

Status: Unlockable - Official Conditions Discovered

First Discovered November 10th, 2016 by Aaron Bolner

Captain Cosmic

Hugh Lowsley had only recently gained powers and taken the name Captain Cosmic when a terrible being of ancient power laid waste to the countryside near his hometown. There, a lone magical minstrel stood against the force of nature, but was laid low. Captain Cosmic helped The Argent Adept to safety after his defeat, and was the first to join the team to take the fight back to Akash’Bhuta before it was too late.

Status: Unlockable - Official Conditions Discovered

First Discovered November 11th, 2016 by David A. Harris



Haka lived a life of joy. He found the joy in the simplest things in life, and took great pleasure in protecting those around him. He taught the young and cared for the old. He was a guardian and mentor of humankind - all people were his people, and he fought for the good of all. 

Akash’Bhuta threatened not just his friends, but the existence of humans on earth, so Haka naturally joined the fight against her most eagerly. A great challenge was always appreciate, and Haka could really let loose against the mountainous form of the destructive nature spirit. 

Status: Unlockable - Official Conditions Discovered



When this world was faced with the potential loss of a magical musician, Tempest readily answer the call to face Akash’Bhuta. Now, as a member of the Prime Wardens, Tempest pushes for the protection of the innocent and the destruction of those who would visit loss on others. Tempest has experienced great loss, but has found great purpose.

Status: Unlockable - Official Conditions Discovered

First Discovered November 11th, 2016 by Codie Hogbin




The last hero to join the ranks of the Prime Wardens, Fanatic had been witnessed most recently fighting a dark-winged deceiver. As a result, the avenging angel had donned more protective armor and a face-plate that obscured her vision. So, when Fanatic joined the fray against Akash’Bhuta wearing armor that allowed greater mobility and freedom of movement, half her face-plate torn off, and her sword a jagged shard, the other heroes were as taken aback as they were pleased to see her.

Status: Unlockable - Official Conditions Discovered
First Discovered November 18th, 2016 by James Callahan


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