Captain Cosmic: Hugh Lowsley and his brother Nigel were watching the sky one night when a strange metorite crashed nearby. They found a glowing crystal, which assaulted the brothers with energy, knocking them unconscious. When Hugh came to, his brother had disappeared, but he had gained powers of energy manipulation! As Captain Cosmic, Hugh fights alongside the heroes of the Multiverse, but he is constantly searching for his lost brother.
Sky-Scraper: Portja Kir-Pro was a Thorathian freedom fighter with size-changing powers. However, everything changed when the Bloodsworn Colosseum manifested on Dok’Thorath and she was taken hostage. Now, having made her escape with the heroes of Earth, Portja fights as Sky-Scraper: the Proportionist! She wields both her power to change her size and mass, as well as her knowledge of subterfuge and skill with her “links”, which she uses to control and subdue her opponents.


Kaargra Warfang: The Bloodsworn Colosseum moves from place to place, seemingly at random. Wherever it lands, Kaargra Warfang forces the local inhabitants to fight as gladiators, vying for the favor of the crowd. The Bloodsworn Colosseum could appear anywhere, and any nearby heroes will be forced to fight for survival!
Infinitor: The events that led to Hugh Lowsley gaining powers were less kind to his brother Nigel. After encountering the crystal, Nigel awoke to madness. In a blind panic, he drew on unknown powers and flew out into space, pulsing a sickly green. Nigel drifted among the stars, only existing to listen. At first, he heard only screams. Then, those screams turned to horrifying whispers, until Nigel was no more. All that remained was Infinitor, the apotheosis of infinite madness.
Progeny: From far beyond our galaxy came a spark of creation. It arced through space and drove into the heart of our planet. As cosmic events transpired, that spark was called to wake. Progeny was born, surging up through the crust of the earth. It knew its two directives. Its first command: destroy.Its second command was less simple, but even more important: it must prepare for the arrival of its progenitor. Progeny is the harbinger of the downfall of the human race, and with it, the Multiverse itself.
Deadline: Tarogath watched the end of his people hundreds of years ago, and now lives in the Enclave of the Endlings as the last of his kind. Recently, he observed the beginning of another extinction event -- on the planet Earth! He traveled there to try to slow, if not stop entirely the cosmic events which threatened their very existence. With a heavy heart, Tarogath took the mantle of Deadline and sought to leave a scar from which humanity may never fully recover…


The Enclave of the Endlings: When the only other remaining member of her race finally died, Jansa Vi Dero was truly alone. Her race, the Varusiods, were phenomenally long-lived people, but they were all beyond the age of reproduction. It was only a matter of time. But that was centuries ago. Now, Jansa Vi Dero has built a new society for herself. In the Enclave of the Endlings, any races whose light is beginning to flicker are preserved in the existence of their final representative. Some villainous minds have thought to take advantage of the power of the Endlings...
Dok'Thorath Capital: After the destruction of the Thorathian Conquering Fleet and the disappearance of Grand Warlord Voss, the Thorathian homeworld of Dok’Thorath was left in a state of turmoil. The powerful Thorathian Military was now leaderless, and the outnumbered and outgunned Dok’Thorath Freedom Fighters were now more organized than their oppressors. Now, the heroes of Earth find themselves on this distant planet, pursuing a deadly foe to stop their dastardly plot...