Team Villains

Biomancer - With knowledge of chemistry, biology, and necromancy, Biomancer can create fully living flesh.

Bugbear - Bugbear prowles the jungles. His insatiable hunger demands he find larger and larger prey.

Greazer - You need a target tracked down, you talk to Greazer. He will find them and bring them back to you.

Sergeant Steel - Sergeant Jack Steel and his squad of heavily-armed agents are the most dangerous operatives F.I.L.T.E.R. has to offer.

Citizens Hammer and Anvil - Now, Citizen Dawn has sent these two citizens on a mission. She hopes to find more powered individuals who would be willing to join her ranks.

La Capitan - 500 years ago, Maria Helena was drawn into a temporal rift while seeking adventure.The energy changed her ship, and changed Maria Helena as well.

Ambuscade - Former world-famous French action movie star Ansel G. Moreau is now infamous for his hobby of hunting the heroes of the world as the masked villain, Ambuscade.

Miss Information - This new, darker, jaded Aminia Twain is here to exact her revenge, however misguided, on the Freedom Five.

The Operative - After a mortal injury, Sophia DeLeon was brought back from the brink of death at the temple of the mystic known as Zhu Long, but at the cost of her servitude.

Plague Rat - The creature known as Plague Rat was recently captured by a RevoCorp Recon & Execute team, and is now used as an amped up bloodhound to seek out and destroy key targets.


The Temple of Zhu Long - Hidden amongst the peaks of the Himalayas, the Temple of Zhu Long is a place of many eldritch secrets. The mystic Zhu Long keeps his magics hidden from the world there, protected by his scores of apprentices, wards, and assassins. Many find themselves in life-debt to Zhu Long, and it is a steep debt indeed. But what price could be a fair one for cheating death itself?

Magmaria - Deep underground near the core of the earth, Magmaria, the City of the Magmen, has never been seen by the eyes of surface-dwellers. The seemingly mindless magmen toil without ceasing there.

The Court of Blood - The home of the dreaded Blood Countess, the Court of Blood is a lair of creatures thought to be mythical: vampires. They thirst for blood and feed on the living. You may have heard of them.

Madam Mittermeier’s Fantastical Festival of Conundrums and Curiosities - You were driving into town in the morning, as usual, when you noticed that the abandoned lot just outside city limits wasn't abandoned anymore. In fact, there was a carnival set up there. There wasn't a carnival there yesterday, right? You don't remember seeing it on your drive home last night. And there's nothing in the papers about it. Odd. Well, seems like it might be worth visiting.