Sentinels of the Multiverse contains many unlockable Variant Cards for heroes and villains. To switch to an available variant, just tap "Variants" on any card where it appears. Variants can be unlocked by performing specific story challenges in the game. If you're feeling a bit stuck, select a variant below to see instructions for unlocking it.
Still too much work? Approximately 30 days after first release, or once the official unlock condition has been discovered (whichever happens first), each variant will also have a button that can be used to automatically unlock that variant in-game. However, unlocking a Variant this way will not fulfill any related achievement once those are added to the game (but it also won't stop you from earning the achievement if you do complete the challenge in the future).

Unlock conditions are posted to this page once they have been discovered by the community. Players often work together to discover Variant unlock conditions on the Handelabra Games Forum, the Greater than Games Forum, and the Steam Forum.

To unlock a variant hero in multiplayer, you must be controlling that hero. Variant villains can be unlocked in multiplayer by anyone playing the game who meets the conditions.

(Mouseover a Variant to view its unlock conditions. On Mobile, rotate your device to landscape and tap.) 



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