Season 2 is everywhere!

Season 2 launched on Friday, September 16th on Steam & Android and Wednesday, September 21st on iOS. As part of the Kickstarter, we promised to keep Stretch Goals open until after Season 2 became available on Mobile to allow tablet and phone players a chance to help reach them.

The discount periods have now passed, and the total raised for Sentinels of the Multiverse: Season 2 is listed below.

Final total: $144,213

(Last updated 9/23, 12:00 PM Eastern)




The Sounds of Victory: Part 1

When tasked with creating the theme song for Iron Legacy while developing Shattered Timelines, Jean-Marc (our resident maestro) realized that, since Iron Legacy is really just America's Finest Legacy after a tragic twist of fate, the same should apply to Iron Legacy’s theme song. And so, to do it properly, he really needed to create a theme song for America’s Finest Legacy. He did, and it was awesome. We released it as a bonus track on the Shattered Timelines Soundtrack, and immediately began getting requests for more heroic theme songs.

If we reach $125k, our very own Jean-Marc will create original theme songs for the 10 core game heroes and 11 Season 1 heroes and we will release it as an album.

From the core game: Absolute Zero, Bunker, Fanatic, Haka, Legacy, Ra, Tachyon, Tempest, The Visionary, and The Wraith.

From Season 1: The Argent Adept, Captain Cosmic, Chrono-Ranger, Expatriette, Guise, Mister Fixer, Nightmist, Omnitron-X, The Scholar, Sky-Scraper and Unity.

(All Kickstarter Backers and BackerKit Pre-Orders will receive a free copy.)

To be Achieved:



Stories of the Multiverse

What are the defining battles of the Multiverse? Who participated in each one? What happened first, and what consequences did that have? But more importantly, can I play them all in order in one continuous storyline?!

If we reach this stretch goal, you can!

When we reach $150k, we will implement a full campaign mode featuring the official story of the Multiverse as written by the designer of Sentinels of the Multiverse, Christopher Badell! Starting with the first canonical battle in Sentinels history and culminating in OblivAeon, this is the story, the whole story and nothing but the story. By its nature, the tale cannot be fully told until OblivAeon ships, so stay tuned! 



Bloodsworn Arena

How many villains can you defeat in a row with the ultimate hero team? Make your own storyline with this randomized campaign mode and last as long as you can. Fans of the game have made several versions of this idea on the tabletop. 

If we can reach this goal, Handelabra Games will create an “Arena Mode” for the video game. The details and options of the new mode will be worked out when we get to the design and development stage, and we’ll be getting your input at that time. Some ideas and options include a single fixed hero team with no HP recovery; a drafting mechanic where fallen heroes are replaced; ramping up difficulty with advanced and challenge modes; and more! No matter what, this new mode will keep you on your toes.



The Sounds of Victory: Part 2

If we reach $185k, our very own Jean-Marc will create original theme songs for the 16 heroes from Season 2 and we'll release it as an album. But even better - Sentinels is all about working as a team, so let’s get it together musically! Jean-Marc will create original theme songs for the teams of the Multiverse!

From Season 2: Setback, K.N.Y.F.E., The Naturalist, Parse, The Sentinels, Benchmark, Stuntman, Luminary, Akash’Thriya, Lifeline, La Comodora, The Harpy, Writhe, The Idealist, Mainstay, Doctor Medico.

Heroic Team-Ups: All the Freedom Teams, Dark Watch, Prime Wardens and more!

(All Kickstarter Backers and BackerKit Pre-Orders will receive a free copy.)

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