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Chrono-Ranger: Sheriff Jim Brooks has been ripped from his simple life in Silver Gulch and found himself in a far-future wasteland being tended to by Con, a friendly AI who has a plan to save the world from it’s dire fate using his time machine.
Omnitron-X: The robotic intelligence known as Omnitron has gone through many iterations. Over hundreds of years, being constantly thwarted has taken it’s toll and Omnitron has now rebuilt itself in human form. What is it about these humans that makes them vastly superior? Omnitron-X aims to find out with the help of his new heroic allies.


The Dreamer: When The Visionary transported herself backwards in time, her first goal was to save the not-yet-born version of herself. After six years, all seemed well until the young Vanessa Long’s powers manifested, in the worst way possible: The young girl's thoughts burst into our reality as tangible monsters, and the shock of her new awareness of the world shut down her body, leaving Vanessa in a coma with her dream projections terrorizing the world.
Kismet: For countless generations, the Adhin family has been blessed with uncanny luck. They believed the source of their good fortune was a small talisman they'd been passing down over the years as a family heirloom. That is, up until Gabrielle Adhin. Within a few years, Gabrielle Adhin, the black sheep of the Adhin line, had carved a swath through reality, playing her mind games on the unsuspecting people around her and taking whatever she wanted.
La Capitan: Maria Helena Teresa Fafila Servanda Jimena Mansuara Paterna Domenga Gelvira Placia Sendina Belita Eufemia Columba Gontina Aldonza Mafalda Cristina Tegrida de Falcon has sailed through the ages, collecting names for herself and a crew from her past, present, and future, all with the same thirst for adventure and greed for the riches of everywhere . . . and everywhen!
Iron Legacy: A single change can ripple outwards to devastating effect. Once our world’s most unimpeachable hero, the death of his daughter has left Paul Parsons with a singular twisted mission - to save the world from itself, even if that means destroying it. He rips through any who oppose him.


Time Catalcysm: Somehow, alternate realities within the Multiverse have collided, and the aftermath has split the space-time continuum itself! The varied realities and timelines pour into each other, only occasionally halted by fixed points in time.This massive Time Cataclysm is the energy that is bringing together so many of these characters in the Multiverse that should never meet. Past, present, and future all mix with dangerous results…
The Block: In need of somewhere to house the worst of the worst, F.I.L.T.E.R created The Block, a time-locked prison of the utmost security. However, there have been reports of disturbances within The Block, and someone should probably go check it out. If there were a full-scale prison riot there, it could spell disaster for every timeline.