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Setback: People have always pitied Pete Riske for his bad luck, but he doesn't see it that way. Sometimes, things just work out. Like this medical testing he just signed up for run by someone called "Baron" something or other. He thinks this will be just the turn his luck needs. (Included in the Vengeance expansion.)

Chokepoint: Before she could even talk, Evelyn Moore could "speak" to machines. Her parents turned to the government for help and over the years, she learned to control her powers of absorbing technology. If only the military could have learned to control her... (To be included in Mini-Pack 4.)

The Temple of Zhu Long: Hidden amongst the peaks of the Himalayas, the Temple of Zhu Long is a place of many eldritch secrets. The mystic Zhu Long keeps his magics hidden from the world there, protected by his scores of apprentices, wards, and assassins. Many find themselves in life­debt to Zhu Long, and it is a steep debt indeed. But what price could be a fair one for cheating death itself? (Included in the Villains of the Multiverse expansion.)