Expatriette: This hot-headed mercenary is never without overwhelming firepower. How else do you expect to quickly turn the tide in your favor?
Mr. Fixer: This blind mechanic has tried to stay above the fray, believing that the only way to stay safe is not to fight back. That opinion may be changing...


The Chairman: Graham Pike is not only the CEO of Pike industries, he’s also the shadowy head of “The Organization.” Take out his personal assassin The Operative fast, or you’ll have no chance against this corrupt businessman.
The Matriarch: Lillian Corvus’s mask allows her to control the birds, and also makes her one of the toughest villains across the entire Multiverse.
Plague Rat: Thanks to Pike Industries’ lax safety procedures and even looser ethical standards, the rats of Rook City have changed and grown. One in particular...
Spite: Once a resident of death row at Overbrook Penitentiary, Jack Donovan ended up at Pike Laboratories. His life was spared, but he was forever changed in terrible ways by a series of unsanctioned experiments


Rook City: Corruption abounds, making Rook City one of the most punishing environments for our intrepid heroes.
Pike Industrial Complex: Head into the belly of the beast, filled with rats and vats of chemicals of dubious origins.