A new Variant Every Week!

The Evolution of Odd Allies is here! A new variant becomes unlockable on Handelabra Live each week. Then the hunt is on to see who will be the first to discover these new villain turned hero! Show us on social media that you’ve found the variant to be immortalized in the Hall of Fame!

Week 1

Heroic Luminary

Status: Unlockable

Discovery: Levi Lessman, 4/10/2019

heroic luminary.jpg

Week 2

Dark Watch Harpy

Status: Unlockable

Discovery: Levi Lessman, 4/19/2019

dark watch harpy.jpg

Week 3

Akash’Thriya: Spirit of the Void

Status: Unlockable

Discovery: Levi Lessman, 4/25/2019

akashthriya spirit of the void.jpg

Week 4

La Comodora: Curse of the Black Spot

Status: Unlockable

Discovery: Aaron Bolner and Levi Lessman, 5/1/2019

la comodora curse of the black spot.jpg

Week 5

Lifeline Bloodmage

Status: Unlockable

Discovery: Levi Lessman, 5/8/2019

lifeline bloodmage.jpg

The Final Variant

Completionist Guise

Status: Still awesome, but I’ve been unlocked!

Discovery: Levi Lessman found me on the Fifteenth of May in the glorious year of Two-Thousand and Nineteen