Apps and websites can launch the Sentinels of the Multiverse app on iOS, Android, or Steam using custom URLs to provide an initial game setup.


On mobile the game uses the sotm:// custom URL scheme. You can launch the game directly on mobile using that URL, or pass exactly the same path to this website for a shareable URL that is clickable no matter what:

The website attempts to detect mobile or PC usage and displays the appropriate version more prominently. However, both mobile and Steam links are shown in case of device misidentification.

This documentation is valid for Sentinels version 2.5.5 and later. Earlier versions may be missing certain features.

The game uses identifiers for each deck and card. These identifiers must be used in order to select decks and variants. We maintain the canonical list of identifiers.

You can pass whatever identifiers you want to the game, but be aware that there are some restrictions. The game will attempt to select whatever you send, except for:

  • Expansion decks that the player does not own. These will be ignored.

  • Variants that the player does not have unlocked. The base hero/villain will be selected.

  • Decks from expansions the player has disabled. These will be ignored.

  • Challenge mode for villains that do not yet have challenge mode available (at present, Villains of the Multiverse & Trickster Kismet). This will cause challenge mode to be turned off.


You can launch the game without providing information using this URL:

sotm://launch (or)

To launch and start a new local game, build a URL starting with the following:

sotm://screen/SetupGame? (or)

Add parameters describing the setup.

  • villain - deck identifier of classic villain

  • villains - comma separated team villain deck identifiers

  • heroes - comma separated hero deck identifiers

  • environment - environment deck identifier

  • advanced - must be "1" to set advanced. If using team mode, makes all villains advanced

  • advancedIdentifiers - comma separated team villain deck identifiers that will be advanced

  • challenge - must be "1" to set challenge. If using team mode, makes all villains challenge

  • challengeIdentifiers - comma separated team villain deck identifiers that will be challenge

  • Variants are specified with additional parameters where key = deck identifier, value = variant character card identifier

    • The Adamant Sentinels are a bit unusual. You need to specify each one with key = character card identifier, value = variant character card identifier

    • The Extremist Sky-Scraper variant should be specified with the identifier ExtremistSkyScraperNormalCharacter


America's Greatest Legacy, Expatriette, and Absolute Zero vs. Advanced Mad Bomber Blade at Wagner Mars Base


Freedom Six Tachyon, Prime Wardens Fanatic, and Ra vs. Advanced Bugbear, Challenge Baron Blade, and Ultimate Friction at Rook City


The Sentinels with Adamant Dr. Medico and Adamant Writhe



The Steam version uses the same URL format, but it must be escaped and wrapped in another URL so that Steam can launch the game and pass the information to Sentinels. If the game is already running, the URL will not be passed along.

The wrapper format is:

steam://run/337150/?url=<encoded sotm:// URL>




If you have any problems or have a suggestion, please contact us.