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NightMist: This paranormal detective has exactly the skills the Freedom 5 needed to take on the demon GloomWeaver.
The Argent Adept: The latest Virtuoso of the Void, Anthony Drake uses music and mysticism to hold back the tides of chaos.


GloomWeaver: A towering extra-dimensional demon, GloomWeaver feeds on the despair of mankind.
The Ennead: Think one villain is tough? Try taking on 9 at once! This pantheon of Egyptian gods is a force to be reckoned with.
Apostate: Fanatic’s Nemesis, Apostate draws on his terrible relics to keep the heroes guessing.
Akash’bhuta: More a force of nature than anything else, Akash’bhuta is the spirit of chaos and destruction in nature.


Tomb of Anubis: The perfect place for any team with Ra to once again defeat the Ennead.
Realm of Discord: Pretty much anything can happen in this strange realm. Watch out for distortions!