how to claim your multiplayer avatar

In order to claim this reward, you must own the video game for Steam, iOS, Google Play or the Amazon Appstore. To deliver your avatar, we will need a piece of information from within your copy (or copies) of the game. You may claim the avatar once per platform, but the BackerKit is the ONLY way you can submit this ID.
Once we have your info, it will be added to the game for a future update. When that update becomes available, the Season 2 Kickstarter Multiplayer Avatar (and Mobile Backer Avatar, if appropriate) will show up in your list of available avatars.
Steps to claim:

  • Launch the game on your chosen platform.
  • Press “Online Multiplayer” (you will need to have an Internet connection).
  • Press on your player name in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Your ID is shown under “ID FOR TECH SUPPORT.”
  • Press the COPY button, or copy the text from the box to the clipboard.
  • Paste the ID into the associated platform box (in the BackerKit question). It must be exactly correct, so please use copy & paste, not re-typing.
  • Repeat for each platform on which you own the game.

But I don't have the game yet!

If you are getting a Steam key for the video game via a Kickstarter reward or add-on, then you probably don’t own the game yet. Fear not: there are some special instructions for you! Visit this link and enter your Steam profile name (nickname). The number you need to enter in the survey is the one labelled “Steam32 ID.”
If the Steam ID Finder cannot find your ID, try the following:
Launch Steam and click your profile name at the top, then copy the URL in the bar and try it in the Steam ID Finder.
The URL should look something like