Season 1 Mini-Packs

Season Pass 1 includes 3 Mini-Packs which each include 1 Hero, 1 Villain and 1 Environment.


Mini-Pack 1

Unity: This heroic technomancer specializes in transmuting equipment into powerful mechanical golems that fight on her behalf.

Ambuscade: Ansel G. Moreau's hobby of big game hunting has spiraled out of control - his constant need for bigger and more threatening prey has him hunting the very heroes that protect the earth!

Silver Gulch, 1883: Silver Gulch is a good town. Well, it was. Before them Hayes boys rode into town, that is. Since then, most of the townsfolk've cleared out. Hightailed it out of town, and just in time, too. Now, every street corner is filled with the sounds of breaking glass, hootin' and hollerin', and gunfire.


Mini-Pack 2

The Scholar: One day, John Rhodes' keen connection to the elements drew him to a mysterious, glowing stone. The stone allows him to twist the lines of existence, rather than just perceive them, and he can now easily transmute objects into other materials.
Miss Information: By day, Aminia Twain is a demure office worker, diligently serving the Freedom Five from their home base at the Freedom Tower. But she holds a dark secret, born of a strange, multi-dimensional incident she experienced where her “friends” chose not to save her. Will you?
The Final Wasteland: What would happen to our world if it was left to the beasts? Once thought of as myths and urban legends, these monsters have inherited the earth, leaving our once fertile planet as the burned out Final Wasteland.

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Mini-Pack 3

Guise: Joseph King was a tabloid photographer billionaire recording artist and underwear model who made a meager living selling pictures of celebrities to the Megalopolis Examiner everyone adored. One day, while walking to the gas station to buy a lottery ticket working with his favorite charity "Toupees for Bald Eagles", Joe heard a shout. He looked up in time to see the underside of a piano growing closer at an alarming rate a radical fighter jet sky-writing his name. "This is going to hurt..." was the last thing Joe thought...

Wager Master: The capricious Wager Master has appeared on earth. Too many things have gone wrong. Too many coincidences and too many confluences point to the truth: we are all pawns in the cruel game of an entity as old as the Multiverse. What hope do the Sentinels of that Multiverse have?

Omnitron IV: After the Vengeful Five's defeat, there was
enough sentience left in the Omni­Blade that it knew to hide. It
slowly accumulated parts and resources, but it had lost much of its intelligence. It struggled to reach its former power, but it was missing too much of itself. Instead, it formed a massive construction assemblary.