Expand the Multiverse

Once you've bested Baron Blade, Citizen Dawn, Omnitron, and Grand Warlord Voss, there are more challenges awaiting you! See below for information about all the exciting heroes, villains and environments available now, and coming soon!

Season 1

All 7 expansions in Season 1 are available now! Check out the 11 heroes, 19 Villains and 11 Environments in Season 1 below.

Season 2

Season 2 is under development now after a successful Kickstarter Campaign in April and May, 2016. For more information on Season 2, visit the Kickstarter.

Season 2 will include the following 5 Expansions.

Start your collection early with the Season 2 Preview Pack. Buy Season Pass 2 to start Season 2 right now!